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Do you know the perfect sales process? Just read on. Various advancements in technology and constant changes in marketing have influenced the customer journey. Today, things are more confusing, mainly between the responsibilities of marketing and sales teams.   It is often difficult to delineate where marketing ends and the sales process begins. In this sense, it is necessary to design a comprehensive sales process based on marketing.
  The perfect sales process must take into account the customer and his needs.
  If you want to reach your full potential, knowing the components of a successful mindset can help.   Customers need to understand what you do, the importance of your work and most importantly how you or your product can help them.   Educating yourself on all aspects of the products or services you provide is vital. You need to know who your audience is and what appeals to them or what they need.   If you will be doing your sales work through social media, you should know that Instagram has the niche of young people. This platform is very visual, so it must be managed through photos and videos. On the other hand, Facebook’s audience is much broader, covering several generations. Facebook allows you to create different types of content, including long-form posts.  
Choose the right social network for your audience

The ideal customer

  Start by defining who your ideal customer is. Once you are clear on that, choose the platform you will use and the right messages.   Analyze your preferred customers: What do they have in common? Are there certain traits, behaviors or actions that are common to all of them? They don’t necessarily have to be related to your business. For example, you could segment your customers according to the type of business they own, whether they are located in your locality or are of a certain age.   Knowing your customers will allow you to better engage with them, post your ads on the right social network and interact with them easily.  


  Now that you know your potential customers and where to find them, ask them about their wants and needs. You can use a survey or create a form to find out what your customers really want.   Gathering information from your customers will make your job easier and allow you to provide them with the guidance they need in a timely manner. In addition, you will be able to understand precisely what their needs are and offer them the perfect solution.   These forms and surveys can be placed on your website and social networks. It is also important that potential customers can reach you through a contact form, which will also allow you to create your own mailing list.   Once you have a mailing list, it will be easier for you to send information of interest to your customers. This is a great way to tell your customers that you are there for them.  
Ask your audience what their needs are.

Make a presentation

  You’ve found your audience, you have a mailing list, now it’s time to present your products or services and inform your customers how you can help them solve their problems.   Give clear examples of how your product or service will meet their needs. Invite your customers to ask questions and respond with practical solutions.   Use compelling sales materials. Prepare detailed informational brochures and send them to your customers.
  Present your products or services clearly and convincingly.

Make a sales pitch

  Be specific and reiterate what you are offering, its benefits and close with a convincing economic proposal.   Surely in this step, you will encounter objections. Listen to each of your customer’s objections, respond and make the sales pitch. Keep in mind that your customers want to hear that you are offering them the perfect solution. Dig deeper into the objections and address the problem with a solution.   It is important to remember that making a sale does not mean you have reached the end. Stay in touch with your customers and ask them to tell you about their experience.
  Establish lasting relationships with your customers and they will certainly come back to you when they need you.
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